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This has been a project I have been working on now from about new year, As you know the website has been down for a couple of days as I have done a complete overhaul. Im not going to drag this post on a load with just about everything as there has been a lot of changes. 

Main Changes

One of the main changes is the new design, we have completely redone the home page to make it a lot more visual pleasing and useful. As you may notice the articles have gone from the home page, the other thing I have changed a lot is the website is now a lot more post based. This not only makes articles nicer and easier to read and access, it also makes it easier for the team and is a lot more organised.

BSR related news such as this article can be found in the about section, scouting news is the main source of articles and then we also now have a section for event news on the upcoming events page. In addition to this we have a section at the bottom of the home page that will show 3 of the newest articles from all category’s. 

Talking about the about section, there is some new pages such as “Our Story” which explains a bit more about what we do here at bucks scout radio as well as how to get involved and news about us. All the pages on the website have also been overhauled with a new updated design and all the content has also been updated to be up to date. Each page now also has its own custom image banner.

Listen live is still displayed on the home page however since listen again no longer is and it no longer displays on every page you can now find them in the menu under listen!

We are also saying goodbye to the trees sort of, the iconic bsr trees have been updated to new cinematic shots to move with the design of the website. You may still see them around but not on the main page (your welcome JJ). Some of the art on the website is not yet permanent. I hope this year to get a lot more media work done and get some nicer pictures to put around the site from events. 

Thats the main changes, theres been a lot of little adjustments and changes for the best. Oh and the website is a lot more website friendly, its still better to view on a proper computer though.

Enjoy, Adam Vincent

BSR Web Network Administrator

If you have any issues involving the website please hit me an email at or my personal at

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Adam Vincent

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John Shaw · February 23, 2020 at 16:25

Looking great!

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