Welcome to 1st Bucks Scout Radio Beavers, your virtual Beaver colony! We’ll be broadcasting a live Beaver evening on the air every Tuesday from 5-6pm, with games, activities, and even the chance to get virtual badges for taking part and interacting with us. Click here to listen live!

Programme and Resources

Join us tonight for the creative badge, with construction, crafts, performances and more!

Click here for the paper windmill instructions 

On the show this week…

 – Fairtrade
 – Recycling
 – Crafts
 – Quizzes

 and more!

Click here for the Global Issues activity pack!

This week we are joined by Diane from the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, who will be chatting to us about a project to re-integrate a special animal (that is very close to our hearts) into the wild! 

We will also be video streaming LIVE on Periscope during the show!

Click here for the ‘Beaver buffet’ resource.

Click here to make your own beaver badge!

Click here for the ‘Build like a beaver’ worksheet.

Click here for the ‘Nature super heroes’ resource.

Click here for the ‘Beaver bedrooms’ resource.

Join us as we do some experiments live on the air – why not even join in at home? 

Click here for the Experiment badge booklet 

We will be doing these experiments:
 – Clean pennies
 – Dancing raisins
 – Floating egg

Click here for Bethany’s experiment videos.

Join us for a creative night with our special guest, Conrad, who will be talking about how he gets ideas for his poems, and setting some special challenges to the Beavers!

Click here for Conrad’s website and online store!

We’ll be reminding you of all the fun we had on the weekend for the Beavers Pirate CAMP@HOME, with highlights, live Beaver chats and more!

Listen live to Bucks Scout Radio ALL DAY LONG for the Beavers Pirate Camp at Home. More info coming soon!

With just 4 days to go until the Beavers Pirate CAMP@HOME, we wanted to get you in the mood for a weekend full of swashbuckling fun! Join us for pirate themed games and activities!

Join us for the second part of the ‘Air Activities’ Badge! We’ll be making our very own paper aeroplanes, and learning about the Phonetic Alphabet! Not to be Mike India Sierra Sierra Echo Delta! We’ll also be giving away a limited edition Mission 00 Bucks pin badge, so stay tuned for that!

Click Here for the Paper Aircraft Activity Pack.

Click here for the Air Activities Stage 1 Activity Pack

Click here for a factsheet on the ‘De Havilland’ aircraft

Click here for a printable PDF of the phonetic alphabet

This week, we want to hear your thoughts about the BSR at Home Beavers show, and what you’d like to hear in the future! If you’ve got something you’d like to tell us about do not hesitate to E-Mail us using beavers@bucksscoutradio.co.uk.

In the Second half, we’ll be talking you through the Air Activities badge, with a special chat with Dan from Army Flying program ‘Outreach’, who’ll be talking all things planes! 

Click Here for the ‘Create your own Squadron Badge Challenge’

Join us for the second half of the ‘Animal Friend’ Badge! We’ll be hearing from some of the County team, and other members of Scouting from Bucks and beyond, who’ll be talking about what they do to look after their pets.

We’ll also be chatting with Simon from Bucks Guinea Pig Talks, who will be talking about his guinea pigs, and about his weekly live shows on Facebook!  

  • Special Guests talking about their pets
  • Fun interactive badge-related activities
  • Animal Quiz
  • Special announcement from Bucks Beaver Scouts!

Click here for the Animal Friend resource pack

Tessa will be back with a recap of last weeks ‘Book Reader’ Badge, and will also be introducing the Bertie Bear at Home challenge.

In the second half, Ollie will be talking you through how to earn your ‘Gardener’ Badge! 

Click here for the Gardening Activities Pack
Click here for the County Commissioner’s Storytime!
Click here for the Gardener YouTube Videos (Coming Soon)
Click here for the Leaders Pack

Join Tessa and Abi for the ‘Book Reader’ Badge! 

Click here for the activity pack
Click here for the scavenger hunt
Click here for the Gruffalo reading
Click here for the YouTube videos

We will be joined again by Jess with Beaver Ethan, who will be talking about his weekend baking! Then Abi will be with us for a special food-related quiz!

We will be joined by Jess, a professional chef and Beaver leader, who’ll be teaching you about health and safety in the kitchen, and the importance of a balanced diet! Listen in to hear how to make your own food and earn your virtual cook badge! 

Click here for the Beaver Recipe Book
Click here for the ‘Cook’ YouTube videos.

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