Last Show of this Series 29th July 2020. 6pm -8pm


Welcome to 1st Bucks Scout Radio Cubs, your virtual Cub pack! We’ll be broadcasting a live Cub evening on the air every Wednesday from 6-8pm, with games, activities, and even the chance to get virtual badges for taking part and interacting with us. Click here to listen live!

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By Text or WhatsApp: 07960850650

Programme and Resources

Home Help Part 1, Mystery Sound , Murder Mystery Part 2, Battlecamp Rd 6 Space Quiz.= for the Astronomers Badge

Home Help Part 2, Mystery Sound, Murder Mysteryt Part 3, Battelcamps Rd 7. Disney Quiz and Intro to the Aviation Badge

Ed takes us through the Aviation Activity Badge Stage 1. Plus Battlecamp, Murder Mystery and Mystery Sound.

Aviation Badge Part 2 – Go to the red Button Below for info.

Battllecamp Rd 9 and the final Part of Murder Mystery – Who DONE IT???

Joseph is our Virtual DJ for the Night and we talk to Dave ref County Virtual Cub Camp .

Ruth Looks at the Photographers Badge

Round 10 of Battlecamp

Talk to Dave about the upcoming Cub Camp.

Plus Dont forget the Book Club at 7pm

Mainly a Games Night with an Update on Photographers Badge

Battlecamp Round 11

and Ben’s Mystery Sound.

Ruth Finishes the Photographwrs Badge and Ben starts the Naturust Badge.

Plus Battlecamp Round 12 and Stick Animals

We talk to Steve Baker the MP of Wycombe 

Plus Ben takes us through the Nature Badge

Its a rollover for the Mystery Sound – 3rd Week

Battlecamp Rd13

Book Club Reviews at 7pm

Hopefully A talk from a person who can tell you how to look after you bike – Cyclist Badge.

Milly Talk Animation and Photographs.

Battlecamp Rd14.

Mystery Sound Rollover 4th Week.

7pm Book Club Review.

Catch up on other badges

Skittleman LIVE on youtube

Battlecamp Rd15, Mystery Sound, Book Review Club and Music

Watch it again on youtube:-

Its our Last Show and we will have the normal Battlecamp (round 16)

The Mystery Sound

The Book Club


We look back at the 16 weeks and see what we have achieved.

Stay in touch with us and see what is next.

Listen Again

Cubs Buckaroo Desert Camp June 2020

Cub Desert Camp 27th – 28th June 2020

Link below to the YOUTUBE channels where you can watch again the event from both days

Book Review Club - Cubs

We are looking for Cubs to join our club to read books and review them on air.
We will supply some books to read but you can also review other books that you like or recommend. 

To join the Club please email

Book Club

Book Reviewers

Ailfie Smith                  Alex Turner

Eyitayo Dina                Shaunak Kulkarni

Gruff Evans                 Seth Lowdon

Buck Mitchell              Rebecca Halford

Ryan Adamson           Isla Piper

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Jack Tucker                                            Alfie Smith
5th High Wycombe                                 1st Wolverton

Liam Melia                                              Daisy Lewis
1st Princes Risborough                         1st Chesham

Lucy Wright                                            Charlotte Wright
Cheddington                                            Cheddington

James Hook                                           Jasper Cayley
1st Ganborough                                      1st Princess Risborough

Madeleine                                               Buck Mitchell
1st Shipley                                               1st Ayslbury

Eyitayo Dina                                            Ryan Adamson
12th Aylesbury                                         1st Crownhill

Joseph Heyes                                         Seth Lowdon
4th Aylesbury                                            3rd Marlow Bridge(apache)

Alex Turner                                             Rebecca Halford
3rd Aylesbury                                           1st Princess Risborough

Milly Wooster
4th Aylesbury

Battlecamp Catch Up:

Battlecamp is a camp similar to Battleships – but its a camp layout and we throw water bombs.

The idea is to destroy each others camps before they detroy yours. Goto the Green Battlecamp button on this page to download your grid reference and rules.

Each week we play Battlecamps and each week we broadcast 5 Grid References in an attempt to hit something in your Battlecamp layout, and each week you send me 5 grid references to hit my camp.

Grid References so far from me:

Rd1 – L3, D16, M7, A12, K20
Rd2 – m11, D7, G9, J15, L3
Rd3 – k19, L2, H20, A1, A20
Rd4 – A19, M10, D8, L1, 020
Rd5 – A18, H19, L19, B6, O1
Rd6 – K3, B20, A13, N11, E6
Rd7 - D6, O11, B19, H12, M20
Rd8 - B2, K18, O12, E2, J20
Rd9 - L20, L4, C20, B14, O13
Rd10 -J19, B6, N20, M4, G3,
Rd11 –A2, H11, H18, D14,E5
Rd12 -B15, C14, K4, L19, O10
Rd13 -I4, I5, F20, O14, A6
Rd14 -D5, C19, G2, F5, L1
Rd15 - M3, E7, J18, N19, N10
Rd16 - C15, C17, M19, A4, B10
Rd17 - B13, C13, I3, M13, L5
Rd18 - A14, A15, E4, B2, G20
Rd19 -F19, G19, L14, F5, D9 - Announce 17/8/20
Rd20 - Announce 24/8/20
Rd21 -

Plus an upto date report on the conditin of my Camp site. Its looking bad for my campsite with all you throwing bombs my way, here is an update.
Destroyed – cub tent
B4,5,6 B14,15,16 B9,10,11
C4,5,6 C14,15,16 C9,10,11
D,4,5,6 D14,15,16 D9,10,11
ALL Leaders Tent have been DESTROYED
L2,3 L5,6 L8,9
M2,3 M5,6 M8,9
N2,3 N5,6 N8,9

Kitchen Tent – Destroyed

FlagPole H10 Destroyed
Sick Tent Now Destroyed - M19, N19, 019
Destroyed Water Tap:O1
Jess: H4 Destroyed
Girls Toilets have been DESTROYED. C19
Boys Toilets have now been Destroyed B19

Still to find – Kate 1×1.   Akela Chair 1×1.    Fire 1×1.  Log Store 1×2.