Feel Good Friday on Bucks Scout Radio

As you may have guessed this is the Friday evening show on bucks scout radio! This show is presented by Adam every evening, the show runs from 7pm until 9pm.

This show features new and popular music as well as some older stuff sometimes, some people may also know that Adam is one for remixes so you may also here a mix of remixes.

On the feel good Friday show we have a good chat and some times have guests on, we also host the Friday evening playlist which can be found below. Oh and who can forget the newest scouting news!

Each evening on the Friday evening show Adam does a vote on our Facebook including two songs that will be voted for and then the winner is added to the playlist each Friday after the show, Checkout the playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/ad6677cop/playlist/4QCb9hKvvn0hLuyCCY46DD?si=5UxK9PiYQpSqhf48h80aXQ

Show Feature Schedule

  • Record of the week

    The record of the week is chosen by a presenter each week and will be played live during the first half of the feel good Friday show.

  • Mystery Voice

    Your first of two chances to guess the mystery voice for a chance to win a BSR mug!

  • Rock @ 8 O'clock

    A new feature on the feel good Friday show, at 8 each week we will now be playing a clasic rock song.

  • Scouting News

    Live from my downloads folder and some times google drive john reads you the newest scouting news for bucks.

  • Mystery Voice

    Your second chance to guess the mystery voice for a chance to win a BSR mug, get in contact!

  • Spotify Playlist

    The results will be played from the Facebook poll on tonight's most voted of two songs.

Missed a Feel Good Friday show? Don’t worry here at Bucks Scout Radio we use a service called Spreaker which will allow you to re listen to any shows you have missed or what to hear again.. Woah Magic!
Find our shows page here: https://www.spreaker.com/show/adams-friday-night-show