Endurance 2020

On the 6th of march 2020 the team went down to setup for the long awaited Endurance 2020 Event. The big event ran 24 hours from the 6th until the morning of the 7th. The team including Gary, Jason, John, Adam, JJ and Kate attended the event broadcasting to the walkers, checkpoints, parents and HQ for over 24 hours.

We managed to talk to a lot of groups and played some of the best hits of 2020 as well as the BSR and Endurance classics. The event this year consisted of Endurance 10, 40, 60 and the big 80, flooding the halls with over 310 Cubs and that was just E10!

It was an amazing event and all the team really enjoyed it once again.

Thank you again to all the volunteers that helped with the event and all the teams who did really well out on the course.

At the time of this post we are still waiting for the full results so keep an eye on this website: https://www.endurance80.org.uk/ 

We are still working on processing all the video and audio taken from the event, you may have seen Adam with his film contraptions running around everywhere so keep an eye out for that.

We have however uploaded all the event photos and needless to say there is a lot!
Find them here: https://bucksscoutradio.co.uk/event-gallery/nggallery/bucks-scout-radio/endurance-2020

The event will run again next year 2021 on the 6th to the 7th of march so see you their!
Happy Scouting.

Adam Vincent

System Administrator